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PicPacPlus is an Internet based fulfillment system designed to address the issues commonly encountered when you are trying to implement a fulfillment system where you deal with multiple forms of order input - web, traditional input, EDI and ASCII file transactions - multiple formats of job status and inventory reporting and complex billing needs.  We can work with you to integrate our system into your shipping stations and existing inventory systems, or we can offer you a turnkey solution with a fully integrated shipping system and real time bill of material management and inventory package.

Key Features

v     The system design addresses the unique invoicing, processing and operational issues that surround setting up a pic/pac fulfillment system to serve the needs of the supply chain management business, with particular focus on the needs of the software and hardware industries.

v     A main system design goal was to eliminate the need for technical staff support and involvement in the fulfillment process.  Simple interfaces designed for non-technical personnel handle the issues that traditional fulfillment systems rely on customer technical staff to resolve.

v     Billing and invoicing data is collected in a flexible manner that allows for comprehensive billing and recapture of costs in an efficient, automated process.  Variables tracked are comprehensive and can be tracked by an unlimited number of contract types per customer (ie: subscription, upgrades, regular pic/pac).

v     Typical fulfillment systems are defined around one business model, PicPacPlus allows you to define an infinite number of business models.  This addresses the reality of the evolving supply chain management business.  Each customer is unique and as you become a true partner managing their end user fulfillment and distribution needs they require systems customized and handled the way they do business. 

v     The comprehensive customer interface minimizes the need for fulfillment or customer care personnel involvement in communication.

v     Orders and files are processed in an automated fashion with the system polling ftp sites and intelligently filtering files, identifying and reporting file issues, correcting file problems and providing a comprehensive audit and billing trail.

v     The “storefront” manual ordering interface is programmed to allow you to offer enhanced e-business services to customers.  The interface can be easily customized into “storefronts” for customers with orders directly routed to supply chain partners.

v     Order processing addresses the constant changing definition of what “batch” of orders fulfillment wants to prioritize and process.  This is accomplished by using unique interfaces that allow users to develop scripts for “grouping” and flexible processing “batch” creation criteria.



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