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Consulting Services

eSource's principal and executives have diverse backgrounds as senior management in the financial services, supply chain management, turnkey and printing industries.  We offer a broad range of experience to any project you have with a solid mix of business management and technical expertise.  We are intimately familiar with hardware and software issues faced when managing and storing files created in multiple platforms, most notably Macintosh and PC file storage and processing issues. Technical expertise includes, among other skills, html/web programming and e-commerce site creation, ANSI-X12 transaction set creation, database programming, Visual Basic, C++, Unix and NT.

Our focus is to help you analyze your workflow and eliminate or automate unnecessary steps in your process of content/intellectual property creation, content production and distribution to your clients.  Should you need specialized consulting services we would be happy to discuss your project needs. 

File Management Services

eSource offers File Management and File Storage services.  If you are creating intellectual property - we can take in your source files, create postscript or pdf files configured to the needs of your content manufacturer, and distribute files as appropriate to the manufacturers you specify.  At your option, the files can then be stored on either our server or a server you co-locate at our location for ease of access by you, your vendors, your partners and international sites.  We would provide you with a customized, browser based file access screen with security tailored to your specific needs.

If you are manufacturing the content but would like to outsource the file storage and management functions to minimize your overhead costs we can provide you with online access to all files.  We would provide you access to the files using a browser based interface, with the ability to download/upload the files as needed.